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  • Name:Susan
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 Germany DONT develop, manufacture and sell pneumatic components on a modern scale. The main products are: air source treatment series, standard cylinder, mini cylinder, ultra-thin cylinder, QGB (large diameter) cylinder, biaxial cylinder, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, hydraulic cylinder, quick joint, PU gas pipe and other products. The company spirit of "truth-seeking, innovation, beyond" enterprise policy, committed to the development of national industry as its own duty, bold update business philosophy, comprehensively enhance the social value of the enterprise, in order to maximize the purpose of serving customers. The company always attaches importance to and ensures the success of the enterprise necessary to improve the equipment, especially the modern personnel training, the company not only has a flow of technical personnel, flow of production equipment, and advanced production technology, but also has high-quality staff, sophisticated testing equipment, so that the company's products in full of competition in the peer, and always in the leading position.
Company: dontchina Type: Enterprise (Manufacturers)
Area: CHINA Size: 50-99人
Capital: 4200 ten thousand RMB Year of registration: 1946
Deposit: Paid 0.00
Mode: Manufacturers
Business: DONT induction switch, DONT twin cylinder, DONT slide cylinder, DONT electric valve
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